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Employees Engagement Survey Solution for HR

Online-Survey.NET's Staff Engagement solution is designed for all organizations to conduct regular staff online surveys to measure the employee’s engagement level. You can get direct and impartial feedback from your employees through QR Code, Email, Web Portal in real-time. By reviewing the incisive reports, you can immediately identify the issues particular to certain individuals, positions or teams and figure out your action plan accordingly.

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Flexibly design your online Staff Engagement Survey (“SES”) by using our user-friendly Form Editor.

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Easily collect data across our platforms and devices. Together with our data input validation function, only good data are ensured to be submitted.

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Instant Online Report

Effectively analyze employee’s feedback with our AI enabled engine and generate your desired reports.

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Our Staff Engagement solution provides different question types:
  • 1. Multi-language Support
  • 2. Location Based Questions
  • 3. Different measurement scale: CSAT, NPS, CES, AGREEMENT, 360 Score
  • Built-in invitation system thru Email, SMS, WhatsApp
  • Login Portal with Staff credential
  • Keep track with the real-time response progress
  • Connect the feedback and integration your HR system
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Free form design
  • Charting: Piechart, Donut Chart, NPS Chart, agreement Report, Cross Tabulation Report, Open Text Analysis
  • Open Text Analysis: Categorization by keywords, e.g. salary, promotion, working environment, etc.
  • Filtering Function: by Segmentation, by score, by time series
  • Export to PDF/Word/Excel
  • Trigger alert for low rating score: Easily identify the low rating score from the staff engagement survey and follow up immediately
  • On Premise Solution: Host the data in your own servers/designated locations to meet your company data protection compliance
  • Multi security levels: assign proper access right for each user
  • Tailor-made solution: create solution 100% meet your workflow

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