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Design a beautiful survey

Online Survey

Create customer survey and staff survey easily with our form editor.

Collect sensitive data with encryption

Registration System

Automate your registration, confirmation and reminder for your events and membership.

AI powered result analaysis

Workflow Automation

Transform your traditional approval flow online and automate all the process to increase efficiency and optimize your manpower.

//Create Secured Online survey

to collect sensitive customer data

We help you to encrypt every piece of data

Adaptive content to be displayed properly, intractively, increase user experience

30 question types, 100+ answer type and extensible

to increase your response rate up to 50%+

to make sure all data is accurately present the topics you are concerning

to make the survey to clean, and create better user epxerience

to control data access by encrypting every piece data to meet the privacy law

  • Panel Management
  • Built-in Email invitation System
  • Invite your client through email
  • Invite your customer through sms
  • Connect the online survey system to your POS/CRM/ERP
  • Let your restaurant customer scan a QR code
multichannel distribution survey
Built in report engine
  • Barchart
  • Piechart
  • Donut Chart
  • NPS Chart
  • agreement Report
  • Cross Tabulation Report
  • Open Test Analysis

Case Study

Latest clients applications are here, contact us for other case studies.

Amazing features

Comes with the exact features you need to create the perfect forms and survey in no time

Question Types


From radio button based questions to matrix based questions Online-Survey.NET has all the questions you need to create your survey as well as NPS, CSAT and CES question to mesure your customers satisfaction.

Conditional Logics


Show or hide dynamic questions, pages or thank you messages based on your customer's answer. Using our rules builder you will be able to set up skip logic and branching conditions within your surveys in just a few minutes.

Multi Lingual


Not everyone speaks english, thats why online-survey.Net supports all common languages and let you translate your surveys and forms labels using the auto translate features or to export them in JSON/XML to send them to your translators.

Multi level securities


Protect your surveys access using our unique field level data encrytion algorithm to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

customer Panels


Create customers panels structures that you can fill with new data, for which you can reuse in your campaigns, forms or re-use existing data from your favorite Microsoft SQL Server tables, CRM's or Excel CSV files.

3rd parties integration


We help you to integrate the system with your existing POS, CRM and ERP smoothly. Available connectors like MSSQL, AD, Dynamic 365, SAP, or ecommerce application like Shopify, Amazone, Ebay API.

The Working Process

Make IT Simple & Secure - There are many solutions in the market, but we insist to MAKE IT SIMPLE & SECURE for you.

Process method

Research paints
a detailed picture
of your audience.


Process method 2

We build strategies
for our clients with
no interruption.


Process method 3

Development is the
most important key
success factor.


Process method 4

Our online feedback solutions
help your business
grow online.