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Why Online-Survey.NET?

Online-Survey is professional, clean, and branded for your business. It’s important to keep your customers happy while understanding your customers.

Responsive Design

Rsurvey look great on every device - iOS, Android™, and all modern desktop browsers and email clients.

Easy Editing

Change colors, upload your logo, customize language, and edit questions in a fast and fun interface.

24/7 Support

Our team is ready to support you all the time 7/24.

Fully Customizable

All RS surveys begin with the Net Promoter® question, and let you customiz the remaining flexibly.

Flexible Data Collection

Collect data by uploading your list, send invitation by email, deploy weblinks to social media.


Analyze your customer satisfaction like a professional with our powerful tools.

Services and Applications

  • Advertising Research
  • Brand Research
  • Buyer Decision Process
  • Customer Satisfaction Study
  • Demand Estimation
  • Employees Survey



  • Marketing Effectiveness and Analytics
  • Positioning Research
  • Price Elasticity Testing
  • Segmentation Research
  • Teaching and Learning Experience survey in School
  • Viral Marketing /Social Networking Potential Research


We design solutions suitable for different industry..


Flexible survey maker platform for the retail industry, which gives full control and survey flow and AI logic for getting accurate feedbacks from the customers.


Flexible survey maker platform for academic institutions, which gives every student unlimited access to Rsurvey's advanced software license for free. For more in-depth analysis, a professional license offers advanced collaboration as well as custom scripting.

Enterprise Solution

Online-Survey.NET has seamless data and analytics integration with Salesforce, and other global platforms with robust API that puts you in complete control of your data. With our advanced survey software integrations, you can export survey data & reports to SPSS, Google Docs, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint.


We design ready to use customer surveys for restaurant, which u can implement it in a minutes and get the most accurate feedbacks from your customers with realtime professioanl report.

Advertising Agency

With our realtime tracking of the solution AdverFeed+, you can track your adverstiment effectiveness in real time, so you can adjust your followup campaigns.

HR Survey

With our ready to use Staff surveys, you can get feedback from your internal staff easily and know how ot improve the effectivness of work and loyalty of the company

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Our Packages

We offer different pacakge according to your needs



  • 1 Admin Account
  • Unlimited Surveys/Questions
  • Logo Implementation
  • Standard Report
  • 1000 Responses
  • Email Support



  • 1 Admin Account
  • 1 Survey/Unlimited Questions
  • Logo Implementation
  • Standard Report
  • 1000 Responses
  • Email Support



  • 1 Admin Account
  • 5 Surveys/Unlimited Questions
  • Logo Implementation
  • Customized Report
  • 5000 Responses
  • Email/Phone Support
  • Email Invitation System(20,000/month)

Enterprise Solution

Call Us

    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited Surveys/Questions
    • Full Page Design Customization
    • Tailer-made Report
    • Unlimited Responses
    • Email/Phone/OnSite Support
    • Tailor-made solution

Frequently Asked Questions

  Can I request a free trial?

Yes, please call us to arrange a free trial or demonstration.

  Can I export the data during the trial period?

No, exporting data is disabled in the trial period.

  What happens to my data after trial period?

We’ll retain your data for 30 days after the end of your trial period after which we’ll purge it from our system to ensure your privacy and security.

 What kinds of report format do we offer??

You can access to report with major chart type: Score Chart, Barchart, Piechart, Frequency Tables etc.

 Can I use free student account for business purpose?

No, FREE ACCOUNT is only for student, and you can only use it for study purpose.

  Can I host the system on my own?

Yes, but we only open this feature to the enterprise solution, please call us for further information.

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